Digital application management

Fully tailored to your process without Email and complex spreadsheets.

Clean and customized workflow


Applicants submit their data through a dedicated and custom branded web portal.


Judges review applications on the portal through a tailored workflow and multi-step process.


Applications can be easily selected based on quantitative scores and qualitative feedback.



The integrated messaging and feedback tools allow direct engagement with applicants.


Intuitive management interface

Structured application

Applications are accepted through a custom branded interface. Data is entered into web forms with different question or field types, including text, numeric, multichoice and media upload fields.

If activated, applicants can use the integrated messaging functionality to communicate with organizers.

Guidelines or other resources can be made available within the platform.


Tailored workflow

The revision and selection workflow can include multiple steps, judging rounds and assessment types.

Internal and external jury members can assess all or selected applications and provide feedback through weighted assessment scores, yes/ no ratings, color scores and comments.

The integrated manual and automated messaging functionality facilitates two-way communication.

Live analytics and reporting

Key data, including application status and selected fields, are instantly visualized on interactive and dynamic dashboards.

Assessment and judging status can be visualized in real time.

Applications can be tracked beyond selection, through integration with the portfolio management module.

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Reviu can be licensed with different monthly plans available. All plans include custom branding and configuration, hosting and support.

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